SORGA and [less is more] partnership: facilitating responsible consumption in beauty

SORGA and [less is more] partnership: facilitating responsible consumption in beauty

Less is more: revolutionizing beauty

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[less is more] is a visionary concept redefining the beauty industry with minimalist principles. By crafting high-quality, sustainable products that emphasize simplicity and effectiveness, it champions a revolutionary approach where elegance meets environmental consciousness. With a strong focus on reducing waste and promoting ethical practices, "Less is More" invites us to embrace a purposeful way of beauty that enriches our lives and respects our planet.

What is SORGA?

SORGA aims to accelerate responsible consumption by enabling every consumer to become an "actor-consumer" through reliable and verifiable information. The technology was developed by MAP EMULSION, a mission-driven company specializing in digital innovation for retail brands, and its partner KeeeX, a Marseille-based pioneer in cybersecurity and blockchain.

SORGA provides tamper-proof Digital Product Passports (DPP), accessible directly via the product's barcode at This technology securely reveals the story of each product and provides verifiable proof of the brand's commitments.

SORGA's DPPs meet the European Commission's expectations for consumer information on product impact, sustainability, and circularity. They allow consumers to discover brands' verifiable CSR commitments before purchase.

What is it for?

SORGA and Less is more partnership

Whether it's the natural-origin ingredients, minimalist and eco-responsible packaging (made from sustainably managed forest paper), or French manufacturing: our products embody commitments that can't be conveyed through packaging alone but are meaningful to many parents concerned about their baby's health.

For all these reasons, we have equipped our revitalizing shampoo and softening shampoo with SORGA technology. Each product has a digital passport that allows you to access key, verifiable information.

How to access the SORGA passport

To view a SORGA passport, simply go to and scan the barcode of your softening or revitalizing shampoo.

Don't have the product on hand? Visit the revitalizing shampoo or softening shampoo page on our website and click the button.

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