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What is "clean beauty"?

Did you know that over 70% of consumers are concerned about the composition of their cosmetics? "Clean beauty" is a term that describes a movement towards more natural, transparent, and ethical cosmetics. While there is no official definition, clean beauty aims to provide safe and environmentally-friendly products.

Definition of clean beauty

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Clean beauty, or "beauté propre," is a philosophy focused on transparency, ingredient safety, and environmental respect. Unlike official labels, this concept is still vague, but it addresses a quest for ethics and meaning in the cosmetics industry. Advocates seek products without harmful substances and expect brands to adopt responsible practices.

Principles of clean

Beauty Despite its vague nature, clean beauty is based on key principles:


Consumers want to know what they're putting on their skin. Apps like SorgaYuka and INCI Beauty analyze ingredients, helping to make informed decisions.

Ingredient safety

Clean beauty products prioritize natural and organic ingredients, avoiding controversial or potentially harmful substances.

Ethical engagement

Committed brands strive to treat their employees fairly and minimize their environmental impact. Consumers seek out companies that share their values.

Clean Beauty and [less is more]


The "Less is More" concept is a trend associated with clean beauty. This minimalist approach involves using fewer products, but of higher quality. Consumers prefer simple and effective formulations, avoiding excess and focusing on essentials. This philosophy aligns with the principles of clean beauty, which value simplicity, quality, and ethics.

Clean beauty is an approach focused on transparency, ingredient safety, and environmental respect. Although the concept is still vague, it represents a shift towards more responsible and ethical consumption in the cosmetics industry.


What is "clean beauty"?

Clean beauty is a movement focused on transparency and safety of ingredients in cosmetics.

Is "clean beauty" really clean?

Clean beauty aims to offer healthier products, but not all brands adhere to the same standards.

Is "clean beauty" a trend?

Clean beauty is a trend gaining popularity due to consumer demand for safer products.

Why choose "clean beauty"?

Choosing clean beauty allows for the use of skin- and environmentally-friendly products.

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