a new way for beauty

We remove the unnecessary to elevate what matters; providing better personal care products with a significantly reduced environmental impact.

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natural & biodegradable
high-end ingredients
vegan & cruelty-free
good for the planet
good for your skin

we are part of the refillable beauty revolution with our pure and potent waterless concentrates

why waterless?

by removing water from our formulas, we can reduce both our packaging volume and our transport-related carbon emissions by 90%, as well as reduce single-use plastic significantly

simply add water at home

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we remove the waste to give you more

no silicones, no parabens, no SLS, no colorants, no microplastics and no nonsense

Instead, we invest in high-quality, natural-origin ingredients and more sustainable packaging. Enjoy our masterly crafted fragrances made with mostly natural ingredients and essential oils.

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shower gel
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hand soap

hand soap
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we are a movement

Join us in taking bigger steps with smaller footprints. In 2023, we want to take concrete and measurable actions, and you can help us to achieve them! See our objectives below:

50 000
single-use bottles avoided
35 000
square meters of depolluted beaches
10 000
kilograms of CO2 emissions saved

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