purpose-driven innovation: our product development story

purpose-driven innovation: our product development story

In a world driven by profit margins and saturated with beauty products and brands that are wasteful, our goal was to shake up the beauty industry. Welcome to our product development story—a tale of purpose-driven innovation that challenged industry norms. Join us as we take you through the pivotal moments, challenges, and triumphs that shaped us into who we are today. 

Our story begins with a burning desire to give back to and improve the world we live in. Fueled by the belief that businesses should play a transformative role, we embarked on a journey that amalgamated our past experiences and networks. For us, the starting point was to anchor the purpose, mission and approach. Our mission was obvious: defining a new way for beauty, by reconceiving products with a radically different angle. Central to our approach was the minimalist principle of "less is more." With questionable ingredients and excessive packaging being standard business practice, we saw an opportunity to create change - to eliminate the unnecessary and focus only on what really matters. 


sustainable sophistication: crafting high-end beauty products with a conscience

Quality was a non-negotiable principle for us, and with that, our objective was clear: create high-end beauty products of exceptional quality and efficacy while significantly reducing our ecological footprint. We aimed to challenge the belief that luxury and sustainability were mutually exclusive, proving that products could embody both elegance and environmental consciousness. We firmly believed that luxury shouldn't come at the expense of our planet or compromise our unwavering commitment to sustainability. Our aim was nothing short of a revolution in the beauty landscape by demonstrating that indulgent products could be created while minimizing our impact on the environment.

At the core of our objective lay the concept of resource reallocation. We recognized that by removing unnecessary and questionnable ingredients, avoiding excessive packaging, reducing energy consumption during the manufactoring process, and cutting transportation-related costs, we could redirect those resources toward sourcing superior natural-origin ingredients and developing luxurious textures. This minimalist approach was crucial to enabling us to develop products that not only met our high standards and sustainable requirements, but were still affordable for our customers. 


overcoming the impossible: defying doubts and pushing boundaries

The journey to achieving our objectives was not without its fair share of challenges, and we were faced with an array of obstacles that tested our mettle. Yet, armed with unwavering determination and resilience, we transformed each challenge into an opportunity for growth, emerging stronger and more resolute than ever before. 

overcoming doubts and greenwashing tactics:

At the outset, we encountered skeptics who viewed what we were trying to achieve as an unattainable dream. "It just can’t be done," was the conclusion of many conversations with scientific experts. Some even suggested falling back on the same “greenwashing” tactics that would only tell a story rather than truly change the real impact of the products. However, we were committed to transparency and authenticity. This paid off as one of the most innovative players in the beauty industry agreed to become our research partner. Together, we delved into uncharted territories, pushing the boundaries of what was considered possible. Through countless iterations, rigorous testing, and invaluable feedback, we meticulously honed our prototypes. Each refinement brought us closer to our objective, ensuring that our products not only passed the highest standards of quality but also embraced sustainability at their core.

a roadblock in industrial manufacturing and formulation proposals:

18 months and over 100 submissions later, having developed beautiful formulations, and textures with unique characteristics, we sadly hit a dead end: they just couldn’t be industrially manufactured, not within our scope. Instead of succumbing to defeat, we chose to chart a different course. Yet after working with 2 more labs, we were still unsuccessful - their formulation proposals just did not meet the standards we had set out to achieve. We refused to compromise on quality, and eventually met the partner with whom we redeveloped our formulations to meet our exacting requirements, ensuring that every product embodied the pinnacle of efficacy and sustainability.

sustainable packaging solutions:

Even with our product formulations in a good place, we still had a long way to go - finding packaging solutions that aligned with our sustainability goals proved to be a Herculean task. We wanted the packaging for our refillable powders to be truly plastic-free yet still provide sufficient protective barriers. Much to our dismay, many of the “ecological” options resorted to plastic or “bio-plastic” coatings that are still harmful as they cannot be recycled and biodegrade very slowly in natural environments. However, the French recycling system officially accepts these materials in order to simplify our consumption lifestyle. 

Determined to rewrite the rules, we needed to find an alternative. Our relentless efforts bore fruit as we eventually found the perfect solution made from FSC-certified paper, and completely plastic-free - a delicate balance between functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. The ink used to print our sachets is also solvent-free, as it is a water-based ink.

Just weeks away from our initial launch date, we received bad news from our manufacturer; the sachets were not sealing properly. Although both our manufacturer and sachet producer tried to come up with a solution, there was no way to resolve the issue within a reasonable timeline. We had to come up with a new plan, quickly - without our sachets, we would not have a product. After weighing up the pros and cons, we decided to move forward with sachets made with paper from trees of sustainably managed forests, and a very thin PE + EVOH coating to ensure the seal and barrier function. Admittedly, this was not our first choice due to the plastic coating on the inside of the sachets, yet is still a much more sustainable alternative to shipping single-use bottles filled with water. We are still able to reduce both our packaging volume and transport-related carbon emissions by 90%, as well as reduce the use of single-use plastic significantly (by 98%). As previously mentioned, these sachets are also fully recyclable in the French paper recycling scheme. It is important to note that our current sachets are a temporary solution that have only been used for our first production run. Our goal is still to be entirely single-use plastic free, and plan to revert back to the sachets made from FSC-certified paper as soon as the sealing issue has been resolved.


lessons learned: the value of values, partnerships and staying true to our mission

Overcoming these challenges was not easy, but they revealed our integrity and commitment to quality and sustainability, as well as our determination to create a new way for beauty. Our values and focus on our mission are what provided us with a clear direction, enabling us to navigate through difficult times and make decisions aligned with our objective of creating high-end beauty products with a drastically reduced ecological footprint. 

Reflecting on our journey, we realize that resilience is not simply about bouncing back from adversity. It is about embracing setbacks as learning experiences and finding the strength to adapt, evolve, and forge a new path forward. Our resilience enabled us to persevere, push the boundaries of what is possible, and challenge the norms of the beauty industry. Our product development story has been a transformative experience filled with many invaluable lessons. 

entrepreneurship is not an individual journey:

The partnerships we have created in our product development process have been a cornerstone of our success, and their significance cannot be overstated. We couldn't have achieved our goals alone; we needed the support, expertise, and resources of like-minded partners. Collaborating with the right partner brings together a wide range of skills and experiences. It allowed us to tap into the collective intelligence and strengths of others, filling in the gaps where our own expertise fell short. Collaborating with the right partners opened the right doors. 

the key to success is a shared mindset of wanting to achieve a common goal: 

One of the most profound lessons we have learned is the immense importance of cultivating a shared mindset and goal with those we have worked with. True success stems not only from the skills of an individual or organization, but also from an alignment of values, beliefs, and aspirations. When everyone involved shares a common purpose and works towards a unified goal, extraordinary things can happen. Having a shared mindset fosters a sense of unity and collaboration. It creates an environment where ideas can freely flow, and where diverse perspectives can be explored. This shared mindset became the driving force behind our creativity and problem-solving abilities, enabling us to overcome obstacles and test the limits of innovation.

never take the easy route: 

We’re human - of course it can be tempting to take shortcuts or compromise on our values in the pursuit of quick wins or immediate gratification. However, we have come to understand that real fulfilment and long lasting meaning lie in staying true to our purpose and making decisions that align with our vision. Taking the easy route would have only led to mediocrity and short-lived gains. It would have involved cutting corners, sacrificing quality, and neglecting ethical and sustainable practices. By taking the easy route, we would have risked diluting the integrity of our products and undermining the trust of our customers and partners. This simply wasn’t an option. 


closing words

With our journey to get to where we are today, we hope to be a catalyst for change. We urge you to follow in our footsteps by committing to sustainable practices and fighting for what is right in order to create a better future and improve the world we live in. Never settle for the easy way out, resist the temptation of compromise, and stay true to who you are. We invite you to partner with us, support our goals, and share our mindset. Together, we can unlock remarkable possibilities. Let us stand united in our quest to eliminate unnecessary in order to preserve what truly matters. Less is more !

Join our movement today and be part of the revolution of the beauty industry. Remember, it's not just about beauty; it's about a sustainable and purposeful way of doing things that enriches our lives and protects our planet. Together, we can rewrite the rules, challenge the status quo, and create a future where beauty and sustainability coexist harmoniously. Support our mission, spread the word. Your actions matter, and with your support, we can make a lasting impact, redefine beauty, and eventually, reshape the world.

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