from corporate constraints to altruistic rebellion: the birth of less is more

from corporate constraints to altruistic rebellion: the birth of less is more

Less is more has been a project that we have been working on for over 30 months now, and with the launch of our website being a huge milestone, we wanted to take this opportunity to explain more about who we are and the journey we took to get here. 

So what is behind our [less is more] concept range?

We have always been passionate about beauty and personal care, and we care about creating the very best and smartest products that can be. At the same time, we are also minimalists at heart, and we very much believe that less can be more. Much more often than we would intuitively think!

Having spent over forty years combined working for some of the largest beauty companies in the world, we got to see the best - successful companies, that are generous and fun to work at, with great people always striving to deliver the best innovation and providing their customers with innovative beauty solutions. We honestly had a great time and feel thankful for all the experiences. Yet, over the decades, we came to realise that this industry is also very polluting, wasteful and driven by the need of constant margin improvements and economies of scale. Many of the beauty giants are somewhat trapped in the operating models which have made their success, and they struggle to engage in the real change that is needed to address the sustainability challenges of today and tomorrow. Unfortunately, greenwashing prevails.

We came to the conclusion that radical change could more easily happen outside of the constraints of the corporate world, where projects don't get killed when they don’t meet the profitability hurdles, and where creating something new doesn't impact the resources needed to support the existing business.

Starting out on our own ended up being incredibly liberating. Scary? Yes! A bit lonely? Certainly, at the beginning! And there was suddenly no monthly pay-check, no bonus program, no long-term incentive plan…


We became driven by the possibility of starting what we now call “an altruistic rebellion”. An opportunity to shake up bad habits and pioneer a fundamentally more reasonable approach to the way beauty and personal care products are being conceived, marketed and consumed. A way to prove that real change is indeed possible, and that as a result the products will not only be better for the environment and the planet, but also for those who use them and will love them.

This week, as we launched our website, we were filled with joy and excitement for what is to come. Honestly, we can’t wait to share more with you as we achieve our future goals - we hope you will join us in our “altruistic rebellion.”

All the best,

Freddy and Julie 

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