We're featured on Springwise!

We're featured on Springwise!

We've been highlighted in an article on Springwise, a leading global platform for innovation and sustainability. This article acknowledges our efforts to revolutionize the personal care product industry by drastically reducing packaging use and carbon emissions through our home-mixed powder care products.

What are the stakes?

Being recognized by Springwise brings to light and validates our mission and products to a global audience that values innovation and sustainability. It underscores the effectiveness of our minimalist approach and our commitment to a positive environmental impact.

What does Springwise say about Less is more?

less is more shampoo kit


In the article, Springwise details how our use of concentrated powders and refillable bottles helps reduce packaging waste and transport-related emissions by 90%. Our co-founders, Freddy and Julie, shared how this simple reallocation of resources not only reduces our ecological footprint but also improves the quality of our product ingredients.

What this means for you

This recognition assures that choosing Less is more is part of a broader movement for positive change. Every purchase supports our commitment to reducing plastic waste and actively contributing to environmental causes, all while providing you with high-quality, planet-friendly products.

We are excited to continue on this path, to innovate further, and to provide you with the best products with the least environmental impact possible. Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a more sustainable future.

Read the full article on Springwise to learn more about our innovative approach and future plans.


less is more featured on springwise


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