Mother's day kit [Osmanthus + Jasmine]

2 bottles + 2 refills

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Discover our mother's day kit [osmanthus + jasmine]. It includes a liquid hand soap 250 ml and its refillable bottle and a shower gel 250 ml and its refillable bottle.

Our liquid hand soap has a fluid-gel texture and develops a rich lather that rinses off easily to leave your hands feeling soft, moisturised and delicately fragranced with scents of your choice.

Our shower gel has a unique texture and melts on your skin to develop a rich lather that is easy to spread over your body, and rinses off to leave your skin feeling clean, softly moisturized and delicately fragranced with scents of your choice.

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formulated with:
formulated without:

<> no silicones

<> no parabens

<> no sodium lauryl sulfate

<> no colorants

<> no micro-plastics

<> no animal products

<> no animal cruelty

<> no nonsense

how to use:

just add water, shake and enjoy

  1. fill about a third of the bottle with drinking water*
  2. add the powder (25g)
  3. top up with more water, until the shoulder of the bottle (= 225 ml of water for a total final volume of 250 ml)
  4. close the lid, and shake vigorously 10 times, until well mixed
  5. let rest for 20 minutes**
  6. shake once again 5 times, to ensure that everything is well mixed


*you can use room temperature tap water or even better - filtered water
**product ready for use when well mixed after 20 minutes, although it may take up to 24 hours for the product to develop its final thickness and consistency


<> 25 g sachet of concentrates = 250 ml of final product

<> made with paper from sustainably managed forests

<> recyclable in France

<> easy shipping by post - they fit into any letter box

<> easy to open & pour into a bottle or dispenser


<> 250 ml capacity

<> made from recycled materials

<> intended to be washed, refilled & reused for years

<> designed to protect its contents with its amber color

<> robust design with pump dispenser

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