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What is a pH-neutral shower gel and why should you consider it?

Have you ever wondered why some shower gels leave your skin feeling softer and more comfortable than others? The answer may lie in the pH of your shower gel. In this article, we will explore what a pH-neutral shower gel is, why it is crucial for the health of your skin, and why pH-neutral shower gels can be the key to a radiant skin.

The science behind pH

ph scale

pH, or potential hydrogen, measures the acidity or alkalinity of a solution on a scale from 0 to 14. A value of 7 is considered neutral. Values below 7 are acidic, while those above are alkaline. Human skin has a slightly acidic pH, around 5.5, which helps maintain the skin barrier against bacteria and pathogens.

The importance of pH for the skin

Balanced pH is essential for preserving the integrity and health of the skin. Imbalance can disrupt the skin barrier, leading to dryness, irritation, and even skin conditions such as eczema or acne. That's why choosing a shower gel adapted to the pH of your skin is crucial.

The benefits of pH-neutral shower gels

The benefits of pH-neutral shower gels

pH-neutral soaps are designed to respect the skin's natural balance. Unlike traditional soaps, which can be too alkaline and disrupt the skin's pH, pH-neutral shower gels maintain the skin's natural hydration and reduce the risk of irritation. They are particularly recommended for sensitive or atopic skin.

Less is more: excellence in natural care

The range of [less is more] shower gels perfectly illustrates the commitment to skin-friendly and environmentally-friendly care. With natural ingredients and gentle formulas, these shower gels not only respect the skin's pH but also nourish, moisturize, and comfort it with rich compositions free from harsh substances. 

What will be your next step towards a skincare routine that respects both your skin and the planet? By intelligently integrating skin-friendly products such as pH-neutral shower gels and pH-neutral shampoos from less is more into your daily routine, you make a beneficial choice for your skin and the environment. Feel free to explore and incorporate these gentle and effective solutions into your skincare routine.

shower gel neutral-ph

How to tell if a shower gel is pH neutral?

To determine if a cleansing gel is pH neutral, check the product label where the pH should be clearly indicated, or use pH test strips.

What are pH-neutral soaps?

pH-neutral soaps are products with a pH around 5, aligned with the skin's natural pH to minimize disruptions and maintain skin balance. They are often dermatologically recommended products for sensitive skin.

Why use a pH-neutral shower gel?

Using a pH-neutral shower gel helps maintain the skin's natural balance, reduces the risk of irritation, and preserves the skin barrier.

What is the pH of a shower gel?

The pH of most standard shower gels is between 7 and 9, which make them highly alkalin and thus not very gentle for the skin's barrier. less is more shower gels pH is around 5.5 which makes them non-irritant for the skin.

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