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Understanding the importance of silicone-free shampoos in your hair care routine

Have your hair lost its shine ? Become dull and heavy ? Is your scalp itching ? The silicone present in most mass-market shampoos could be the culprit! We'll explain why choosing a silicone-free shampoo is beneficial for your hair, promoting its health, natural shine, and contributing to environmental respect.

What's the difference between traditional shampoo and silicone-free shampoo?

Silicone-free shampoos, unlike traditional ones, don't coat your hair, allowing nutrients and hydration to penetrate effectively into the hair fiber.

What are the advantages and benefits of silicone-free shampoos?

Improved hair health

Silicone-free shampoos gently cleanse the hair without creating an occlusive film. This allows nutrients and hydration to penetrate effectively into the hair fiber, promoting better hair health: stronger, more flexible, and less prone to damage.

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Natural shine

Silicone residues can dull your hair's shine, so by removing them, your hair will regain its natural brilliance.

Reduced scalp irritation

Silicone-free shampoos help reduce scalp irritation problems such as itching and dandruff.

Environmental respect

Using silicone-free shampoos - whose components are frequently of natural origin - helps minimize the environmental impact of your hair care.

What are the disadvantages of silicones in shampoos?

Coating effect

Silicone polymers form an impermeable layer around the hair, preventing hydration and nutrients from effectively penetrating the hair fiber. In the long run, this can lead to dull and fragile hair.


Silicones tend to accumulate on the hair, causing a feeling of heaviness and residue. This buildup can clog hair follicles, leading to problems such as dandruff and scalp irritation.

Environmental impact

Polymers are not biodegradable and can cause environmental damage, for example, when rinsed into wastewater, contributing to water pollution.

In conclusion, choosing a silicone-free shampoo is an important step in improving the health and appearance of your hair, while also contributing to environmental preservation. So, the next time you're considering buying shampoo, consider opting for a silicone-free formula. Our hair care range consists of 4 silicone-free shampoos: volumizing shampoo, revitalizing shampoo, purifying shampoo, and finally, softening shampoo. You are thus free to choose the silicone-free hair care that suits your hair issue and scalp! 

silicon-free shampoo less is more

Why should you use silicone-free shampoo?

Using a silicone-free shampoo will make your hair look healthier, stronger and shinier. All the nutrients will penetrate your hair fiber more effectively without the coating created by the silicone. It will also help protect the planet as silicones can build-up in the environment and don't break down easily.   

What does silicone-free mean?

Silicone-free means that the hair product doesn't contain silicone compounds, thereby avoiding residue buildup and allowing better nutrient absorption by the hair.

What is silicone in shampoo?

Silicone in shampoo is a chemical compound used to smooth and protect the hair, but it can also lead to residue buildup and prevent hair hydration.

How do you know if a product contains silicone?

To know if a product contains silicone, check the ingredient list for terms such as dimethicone, cyclomethicone, or amodimethicone, indicating the presence of silicones in the formulation.

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