podcast beauty toaster 223 less is more

Sustainable beauty without compromise

by Chantal Soutarson, beauty toaster

After a significant career within large groups in the beauty sector, Friedemann Schmid and Julie Garrigues decided to launch Less is More together, a powder-based waterless body and hair care brand. And for this line, they set the bar very high. With the objective: try to tick all the boxes (quality + naturalness + eco-responsibility), including that of glamour with captivating fragrances and luxurious textures.

As seasoned professionals, the duo knows that we cannot change ingrained consumption habits through injunctions. It does not work !

How did they manage to obtain formulas that met their expectations for Less is More? How do they experience their experience as new entrepreneurs? And why are the procedures so complicated when a small business needs financial assistance to exist?

Get your headphones on, it’s Beauty Toaster time.

Listen now (in french)

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