Ultimate guide to the eco-friendly travel kit: mini shower gel and mini shampoo

Ultimate guide to the eco-friendly travel kit: mini shower gel and mini shampoo

Vacation is approaching and you are looking for practical solutions to travel light while taking care of your skin and hair? Discover our travel kit composed of a mini shower gel basil + lemon and a mini shampoo argan + oat. This kit is designed to pass as carry-on luggage thanks to its compact 100 ml format.

Why choose our travel kit?

Practical and light format

No water to carry: Our products are in powder form to be diluted upon arrival, making them ultra-light and easy to carry.
Carry-on friendly: With a 100 ml capacity, our kit easily passes airport security checks, both on the way there and back.
Mini format and travel kit: Perfect for those who want to travel with toiletries without the bulk.

Natural and beneficial ingredients

Our mini shower gel basil + lemon 

A super refreshing blend perfect for revitalizing after a day in the sun. Basil and lemon are known for their toning and purifying properties.

Our mini shampoo argan + oat 

Ideal for hydrating and protecting your hair from the aggressions of the sun and sea water. Argan oil and oats are known for their nourishing and soothing benefits.

Natural cosmetic travel size

Our products are designed to combine practicality with respect for your skin and the environment.

Eco-friendly advantages of our travel kit

Waste reduction

  • Rechargeable bottles: Our bottles are infinitely refillable, making them a sustainable choice for frequent travelers.
  • Refill packs available: We sell 10g refills of shampoo and 10g refills of shower gel, ensuring you always have what you need for your travels.
  • Eco-friendly packaging: The refill packs are made of paper sourced from sustainably managed forests, further reducing your environmental footprint.

Durability and Efficiency

  • Two-Week Supply: Our travel kit lasts for two weeks, providing you with enough product for your entire trip.
  • Long Lasting: A small format, but great efficiency! A few grams of powder are enough to get a rich and beneficial shower gel or shampoo.
  • Easy Storage: Our products are easy to store and long-lasting, even when traveling.

How to use our travel kit ? 

For easy dilution, pour the powder into a 100 ml bottle. Add water until full, shake well, and your product is ready to use! For daily use, apply the mini shower gel as a regular shower gel by applying it to wet skin, lathering, and rinsing. Similarly, use the mini softening shampoo by applying it to wet hair, massaging the scalp, and then rinsing thoroughly.

Travel light, practical, and eco-friendly with our basil lemon shower gel and argan oat shampoo travel kit. Ideal for adventurers who care about their well-being and the environment, this kit will seduce you with its efficiency and ultra-practical format. Don’t let baggage restrictions limit your comfort, opt for our innovative solution and fully enjoy your vacation.

 Customer Testimonials

"I love the concept of the powder to dilute. It's so practical and smells divine! I recommend it 100%." - Thomas, 34 years old.

"This kit is a revolution for my travels! Light, practical, and super effective. My hair has never been so shiny after a week at the beach." - Marie, 28 years old.

What toiletries are allowed in carry-on luggage on a plane?

Toiletries in carry-on luggage must be in containers of 100 ml or less, exactly like the items (100 ml shower gel + 100 ml shampoo) in our travel kit.

How to pack your toiletry bag for the plane?

Use mini-format products, like those in our travel kit, to travel light and comply with security regulations.


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