finally a sustainable shower gel that goes over and beyond

to avoid 90% of CO2 emissions and packaging

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why buy refills that are 90% water ?

Simply add your own water to our powders, shake and enjoy surprisingly luxurious and moisturizing liquid shower gels that are 99% natural. Shake for change!

less is more is a new brand - made in France - and committed to making a real change !

We offer high-end shower gels with clean, vegan formulas, free from suspected endocrine disruptors, yet rich in superior quality natural ingredients and unique scents.

highly potent cleansing agents of vegetal origin
natural origin moisturizers & antioxidants
crafted unique scents
scents crafted by the world’s best perfumers
no microplastics, parabens or silicones
vegan, cruelty-free & made in France

why waterless?

Our refills come without water, which represents up to 90% of most conventional beauty products. We only deliver the pure active ingredients in water-soluble powder, for you to fill into a bottle and mix with water in your home. Shake to activate, to enjoy liquid products with 90% less environmental footprint 

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what's in it?

Our formulas are over 99% of natural and vegetal origin, clean, free from suspected endocrine disruptors, micro plastics, colorants, parabens, silicones, SLS and other nonsense. They are also vegan, cruelty free and Made in France. 

Packed in minimalistic paper sachets, they are easy to ship (they fit in any letter box) and space efficient to store in your home.

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we are a movement

Join us in taking bigger steps with smaller footprints. In 2023, we want to take concrete and measurable actions and you can help us to achieve them! 

50 000
single-use bottles avoided
35 000
square meters of depolluted land
10 000
kilograms of CO2 emissions saved

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