exceptional and sustainable personal care

transform your personal care routine to awaken all of your senses - while also taking care of the planet

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more pleasure, less waste = a more sustainable future

[less is more] is a new range of luxurious and natural shower gels, shampoos and liquid hand soaps, made in France.

how does it work ?

Waterless, reduced to what really matters, our high-end formulations only contain active ingredients in powder form - pure, rich in natural-origin moisturisers and caring essences.

Just add water and shake to activate - to transform your personal care routine into real moments of pleasure.

Together, let's change our habits for a more sustainable future - without any compromise on product performance and pleasure.

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exceptional scents

Our masterly crafted fragrances awaken your senses with unexpected blends of high-end essential oils from around the Mediterranenan Sea.

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our refills

- eco-designed and made in France
- 25 g for 250 ml = 40-50 uses
- fully recyclable paper sachets
- easy shipping and storage
- they fit into any letter box
- 90% less carbon footprint, 90% less packaging

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award winning concept and range
3 years of research and development
vegan and cruelty free
mix at home = always fresh

buy once, refill forever

high quality refillable bottle
made in Italy from 100% upcycled PET
10 x less carbon footprint than glass
amber colour to preserve the contents
250 ml content
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only the best for your skin

surfactant derived from coconut fats, with excellent foaming power. It is authorized for organic products and RSPO certified.
moisturising complex obtained from the fermentation of natural fruit sugars
two natural origin gelling agents and a polysaccharide for a surprising and luxuriously gliding texture
anti-oxidant derived from citrus fruits, to balance the pH of your skin and protect it from external agressions
high-end fragrances assembled to awaken all your senses

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