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We reward all of our members for committing to a new way of beauty - a way that is kind and sustainable. Our programme is designed to reward you points for every purchase you make, and the longer you stay with us the faster you'll earn rewards. Learn more under 'points + rewards' in the account section.

welcome to a loyalty programme that rewards you for helping us save the planet

create an account to start earning points (20 point reward)
earn 1 point for every €1 spent – redeem 50 points for €5 off
higher tiers get extra benefits and earn points faster
get birthday gifts, member exclusives and more

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How do I join the loyalty programme?

You can join our loyalty programme on our website lessismore.co, enter the “our movement” section and the “loyalty programme” sub-section. Simply enter your details to create an account and you’re in! 

Can I opt out or cancel?

Our loyalty program is very flexible and you can opt out or cancel at any time in your account section

How do I earn rewards?

You earn rewards as soon as you earn 100 points and get to the level 1 (minimalist level ) of our programme. The more points you earn and the higher level you get, the more rewards you get.

How do I find out how many points and rewards I’ve earned?

Simply access your account on our less is more website, “my account overview” section and go into “points + rewards”

Can I earn points and rewards when purchasing gift cards or sale items?

Yes you earn points when purchasing gift cards so you can spoil your friends!

Can I earn points and rewards when paying with a gift card?

Yes you earn points when paying with the gift cards you received.

Can I transfer my points and rewards to friends and family members?

Unfortunately you cannot transfer your points or rewards to anyone. But they have no expiry date so you can enjoy them later.

When will my rewards appear on my membership account?

Your rewards will appear on your membership account as soon when you are all signed in and your latest payment has been confirmed. Your account will update automatically.

Do my points and rewards balance go down if I return my purchase?

If you return your purchase to get a refund, your points and rewards balance will go down, however if it is to be replaced, it will be updated according to the new purchase you made.

How do I earn points?

There are many different ways in which you can earn points! The main way is by purchasing products - you’ll earn 1 point for each euro spent when you place an order (please note that this does not include shipping fees). You’ll also earn:

  •  20 points when you create an account;
  • 10 points for following us on Instagram (you’ll only be awarded these points if you follow us via the link on our website);
  • 20 points each time you leave a review.
How do I increase my membership tier?

You can increase your membership tier by earning more points via the purchase of less is more products on our website.

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