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less is more

Natural and sustainable beauty innovation, pioneering a new approach to personal care.

redefining the beauty standards of tomorrow

Simply mix our powders with water from your home and shake to awaken all your senses with luxurious, moisturizing textures that are of 99% natural origin.

Let's change our habits for a more responsible consumption - with no compromise on ingredient effectiveness, beautiful textures and the pleasure in use.

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less can be more

We believe in the power of minimalism, and show a new way for innovative personal care : multi-sensory, waterless, natural and healthy.

We select only the best ingredients to create expert, dermatologist tested products with proven effectiveness.

award-winning product range
3 years of R&D
vegan and cruelty free
mix at home = maximum freshness

enjoy exceptional fragrances

Developed in exclusive collaboration with the master perfumers of Givaudan: unexpected compositions fusing two aromatic essences from the Mediterranean.

what's in our formulas

A highly foaming and very gentle cleansing agent, made from RSPO certified coconuts.

A highly moisturizing complex derived from the fermentation of fruit sugars.

A duo of natural gums and a polysaccharide for a surprising, ultra-luxurious texture.

An antioxidant derived from citrus fruits, to protect your skin from external aggressions.

Aromatic essences blended for a sensory awakening of all your senses.

our refills

Eco-designed and made in France.
25g of powder for 250ml of liquid product.
Easy to carry and store, they fit easily into your mailbox.
90% less carbon footprint, 90% less packaging.
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our sustainable bottles

Refillable and reusable for years
Made in Italy from 100% upcycled PET
10 times less carbon footprint than glass
Amber color to preserve ingredients
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